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{SHOW THREAD} Parenting & Education Through the Apocalypse

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  • {SHOW THREAD} Parenting & Education Through the Apocalypse

    An audience member called in not too long ago and asked: If you are a parent, a guardian, or mentor to children in any way, "what are you planning to do to protect your children from the coming hellscape in which they will have to live?"

    The caller was primarily talking about how to educate our children - but leave whatever you feel is appropriate.

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    Here is my elevator pitch that my kids can take with them whatever happens to me:

    STAY HUMAN: Say no to Trans-humaninsm, no to Neuro link, no to Metaverse, and no to the jabbies. Question everything! Resist! God gave us everything we need. See the story of Adam and Eve if you want to see what happens when we try to become like gods. We are servants of God, not rivals.

    STAY FREE: Convenience is a trap. Stay low tech. Dont get tracked, traced and databased. There is no free lunch, especially with GOVT. Anything "free" has strings attached. The only free stuff out there is the grace of God! Be God-reliant in faith, and self-reliant in life.

    STAY FAITHFUL: In the hellscape to come, hope will be shattered and FAITH will be like gold. Many will lose their reason to live and surrender to the Beast system... but those with faith will persevere. Cultivate faith, and cultivate a sense of MYSTERY in the world. The more we think that science has mastered everything, that we have explored every corner of the earth, sea and space, the more we become BORED with the world. Teach your kids to stay enchanted with reality!

    Since I went red-pill, Im now open to so many things that Frank and his guests will talk about; this may stretch a standard Christian world-view, but it is not contradictory in that it is enriching my experience of the universe (I am a believer in God but agnostic to inter-dimensional aliens, reptilians, cryptids, lost civilizations, etc). Being open to all that stuff is important in that it keeps us from this reductive mechanistic view of the world, which is what they want...

    If they can convince us that they have mastered reality through scientism, they can control us with a mechanistic mindset! (dinosaurs, evolution, global warming etc) After the last 2 years, we know that they actually DONT KNOW SHIT (about health especially). And secondly, we have seen that they are lying to us about mostly everything else. The goals of all of these lies is to flatten our perception of reality, remove the sacred or at least domesticate our sense of the sacred (yes Pope Francis, Im talking to you), because once we are dis-enchanted, we are controllable. Be open to religion but be wary that religion can also become a tool of control that WEF ghouls are always looking to weaponize.

    Remember Thin Red Line (my favourite film), when Sgt Welsh says to Witt: "They want you dead or in their lie."

    And finally, FALSE FLAGS are also important for kids to understand. We are in a haunted house that runs on fear. Faith can protect them from this foundational PSYOP, Jesus says over and over, BE NOT AFRAID.

    Stay based Franklies, and raise based kids.


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      We are homeschooling or private depending on jab/ curriculum and there will be no “screen time”.

      If we do the homeschool route we will have wood shop, field trip Fridays, work in the garden, first aid / cpr classes on top of “regular material”. So, they can acquire life skills.

      I’m very protective on who will be in our children's lives as well. If they are a terrible person regardless of being “family” they are not welcomed and will not see our children.

      Mama bear mode activated!


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        We will either be homeschooling our child or strongly vetting a private Trad Catholic school before sending them there. We will also teach them strong traditional Catholic morals. We will protect their innocence as long as possible but if they have questions we won't be afraid to give them the blunt truth. She will not get a cell phone, very limited TV access, and wifi will have parental controls and only supervised use. Our baby is two months old now so it's definitely something on our minds.


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          Frank, I'm a Grandmother worried sick about the state of the world for our children and grandchildren. I've been thinking about something - for a long time now, ever since I learned what's going on in our "education" system. Every problem we're facing now in society is being reinforced while we speak, in ALL the schools across America, from day care thru college. We can fight these insanities all we want, but for every "normie" we "red pill", there are tens of thousands of our children being indoctrinated against everything we believe in at the same time. I'm all for home schooling. And here's what I've been thinking about, but don't have a platform to put it out there and see what others think: Rally grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, friends, etc.. to really TEACH our children. The basics, (which they're NOT learning) along with TRADE SKILLS. We have a ton of knowledge and we're all dying off. Form groups in your communities and build home schooling co-ops.
          For instance, I'm an artist and for many years owned floral business. I could teach children art and floral design. One of my brothers is such a talented carpenter that he never had to advertise - his clients kept coming by word of mouth. I hate to think that his beautiful work would never be repeated or sustained. What he could teach would give students a way to MAKE A LIVING in the real world, besides all the knowledge and beautiful craftmanship that would carry on. I'd like to know what people think about this. Thank you Frank! You're the best out there!


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            I have been thinking about this same idea for a couple years. I am praying my wife will head it up - she has the ability to bring others together. Good stuff and I obviously like it! We need trades to live on.

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          I was actually homeschooled because my parents didn’t feel the school system where we lived was up to par. That and a real strong focus in critical thinking saved me (not sure why it didn’t work with my siblings but oh well).
          I have two little girls under the age of 4 and planning on a third. My husband works part time and I work full time (just the way it has worked out). He is able to stay home during the day with the girls and the girls are able to stay home. This is our main strategy to parenting through these times. We plan on homeschooling with a huge focus on life skills and Christianity.
          our number one job is to raise our children in a Christian household and to be Christian. I feel this will help us with a lot of the world issues. We are trying to keep them innocent and learn the basics at this young age and as they get older teach more advanced items. We don’t have anything set in stone yet and will adapt as the world change but the focus is faith and letting them have an innocent childhood.


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            In my opinion I believe that in this day and age it is much safer to home school. Of course this has its draw backs since kids will not be able to socialize. There are alternatives for this though. Kids can socialize in the neighborhood as long as you get to know the families and their habits. Dad never let us go to anyone's home. They would come to ours. He was very protective! At home, You can teach your kids even more than they learn in school and you can teach them what they need to prepare them for life. Let them know how life was before and the real history that has been changed in the books forever. The film Blast From The Past comes to mind.


            • MariaE
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              The whole social aspect has really diminished over the past couple of decades. Most areas have groups or co-ops for homeschoolers that involves curriculum and activities often with every family contributing in some way. Even 20 years ago I was part of a very active one as a home schooler. Many parents taught a class and we gathered once a week. Also there is other ways to socialize such as sports, dance, music lessons etc that aren’t school funded and usually are done after school. Your school work is also usually much more condensed time wise and gives more time to schedule social activities for children.

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            I forgot those! Great idea.


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              Hey Frank and folks,

              This one definitely hit me for sure , one of the reasons I became a teacher . As I learn more about the system and it’s various flaws one being curriculum requirements, I approach teaching in this way, Much like the scientific method. Ask a question , Research and discuss if any one else has asked the question, experiment with other questions or methods , engage conversations, check your work , understand how it’s right and wrong, and creative problem solving. There’s more here too but , I think It applies to so many things in life aside from school. This might be a coaching aspect in myself as well, but I believe it serves well in the classroom. Having them early on understanding these concepts right at a turning point i feel is very important. That’s only the tip of the iceberg considering so many factors as far as kids who have to go though the public school system, but I think it’s a good place I like to start. I also despite the “requirements” try to work with them and enjoy teaching when it “works” , again , tip of the iceberg but I also believe that engagement and enthusiasm with the material helps those students realize the benefits of the information and their own potential.

              Merry New Year Franklies !


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                I don't have any children yet. I will definitely be sampling this forum for ideas.

                The plan for now is to homeschool. Teach them to question everything, life skills how to balance a check book/accounting, gardening, woodshed, welding fabrication, plumbing, electrical, drywall, how to build/ install a septic system, how to maintain a well, how to run a business, herbal medicine, first aid/ cpr, how to butcher their own food, firearm safety/ hunting, and nature a desire to read books/no screen time.
                That's my list so far. Will definitely be adding to it though.


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                  No kids here, but I helped raise my nieces and we have some new kiddos in the family now that I help out with a lot. I think it's important to read to them daily, books with purpose and meaning; have them do chores and help around the house; get them involved in team sports or activities to help them learn that even when motivation is lacking for the day and the newness wears off, they still need to go to practice because their teammates are counting on them; get them outside to play and climb trees, get hurt, and overcome fears. Play with them (It's fun). Let them fail and subsequently overcome.

                  Always show them how much they are loved and how to love others through kindness, understanding, and acceptance. Volunteer with them to serve the community. Teach them about civics, faith/religion, finances, capitalism vs socialism/communism. Go over both view points of controversial topics with them (teach them how to think/decipher, not what to think.) Help them to cultivate their relationship with God and with themselves.

                  Anyhow, those are just some of my overinvolved Auntie tips.
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                  • MariaE
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                    Love the tip of helping with chores and pushing them outdoors.
                    Our girls are 4 and 2 and they already help with the dishes and basic items. I feel like a lot of children aren’t taught to help out around the house anymore.
                    We bought a house that needs a lot of work but it has three acres and I always have to remind my husband that the acres matter because it might seem like a lot but to a kid that is a huge space with so many outdoor adventures.

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                  We moved from a very blue state to a red/purplish NE state mid-pandemic.
                  Son finished end of Junior Year and Senior Year of college remote due to Vax and Mask requirement.
                  Makes good money working remotely and desperately trying to buy a house or condo and move out but prices are crazy in the NE.
                  He’s smart and conservative and thankfully very unlike I was a that age.
                  I have hope for Gen Z because many of the kids his age we know are patriotic and conservative.


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                    Being a good parent is tough, even in the best of times. The current "hellscape" for our children was the caveman's challenge to stay warm and fed. In a way, it's all relative. Here are just a few suggestions for protecting our children by arming them with truth and knowledge:

                    Teach them everything you can about mathematics, reading, writing, science and physics.

                    Teach them how to balance a checkbook and give them the fundamentals of fiscal responsibility.

                    Teach them the reason for the seasons and the phases of the moon, as well as the very reason the sun comes up each morning. The sun seems to "come up", but we are actually turning toward and away from it every day and night.

                    Teach them the difference between right and wrong, and follow whatever religious belief you, yourself, adhere to.

                    Ignite their passion for creativity and curiosity, and the ability to question authority and think for themselves.

                    Put the phones down, and delve into the magic of nature, which has so many lessons to teach us.

                    Above all, love them unconditionally. Our children are truly the future of mankind.


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                      Alexander Stepanov, which is probably unknown to most but a huge contributor to the field of computer progrmming at the time of his retirement publish his “Cannon” of Western Civilization at

                      The series Civilisation is great, and all the great classics of music, literature and even algebra. Worth a look
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                        Please....If anyone missed Frank's show on 01/18/23 with Steven Jonathan, go back and listen to it. He spoke about the importance of trivium and quadrivium as it pertains to homeschooling. It was fascinating to learn what an authentic liberal arts education consists of, and how vital it is for children. Frank said on air that just listening to the description of trivium and quadrivium made him feel nourished.