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[SHOW THREAD] Have you ever had anything strange removed from your body?

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  • [SHOW THREAD] Have you ever had anything strange removed from your body?

    Joey Ramone had a parasitic twin growing out of his back:

    Recently heard the story of a parasitic twin growing inside the skull of it's sibling, in China.

    I don't care of it is a twin, a leech, a tapeworm, an earwig, a 5 pound skin tag, or a synthetic implant from an Alien Abduction -- leave us some stories below!

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    Hey Frank!

    Listening to last night’s show. My sister’s best friend had a cyst on her ovary removed when she was in high school. It was quite large, so the doctors examined it after they removed it and found hair and tooth. They determined that the cyst was her twin. And what’s really weird, is this girl is WILD, but ever since the twin was removed she calmed down a little bit. Like she’s still crazy, but not nearly as crazy as she was before this operation. She attributes this to her twin being crazier than her and influencing her from the inside. I doubt I could get her to come on for an interview (she’s a bleeding heart libtard) but just thought I’d share.

    Love you brother,

    Brian from Ohio​


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      It was 1977, I was a young 7 year old and we were down next to the river in a creek that fed off of the spring river in Arkansas.

      My cousin Woody was reaching under logs next to the bank in the water and we were trying to reach in and pull out some catfish.

      We normally see some water snakes that makes us jump when they are pissed and in attack mode, but this day we went under the water, and up under the log and an Alligator Snapping Turtle clamped down on woodies arm.

      (About the size of a hub cap off of a old car)

      He came up out of the muddy water screaming to high heaven as this Turtle was latched on to his forearm and his jaw is locked which we knew he would not let go.

      I ran down to the river to get my uncle to come help.... as soon as my uncle saw woody setting on the ground with this huge turtle locked on his arm, he yelled SHIT and reached into the truck and grabbed an ole coke bottle and tried to beat it off, but it was just doing more damage to Woodies arm.

      He found an old knife in the glove box, but it wasn't a very sharp knife, but he began to start cutting that turtles head off and Woodie was making hard deep groans as his arm had already turned colors from the trauma.

      Its seemed like 15 minutes, but they finally cut the head off the Alligator Snapping Turtle, but the turtle mouth was still latched on his arm.

      We drove about 5 miles down a gravel road to our home where my uncle took us into the shed and with some long screwdrivers and channel locks he finally freed his arm from that turtle head.

      It took all summer for his arm to heal, and I will never forget that summer day as I have always thought, that could have been me.

      Just a day in the life of growing up in the mountains as a kid.

      We laughed for years as we would reminisce that story and the scar still intact to show people that were listening.




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        We were living in this small mountain town once, developed a lump on my back, stung like a mother. Went over to the doctor's bright and early one morning to get it checked out. I walked in and the place was frigid cold, lights were off, nobody around. While I was waiting for someone to check me in (which never happened), a guy in a lab coat with the name tag 'Tim' comes rolling out of the back room. I tell him what's going on and he brings me back, pokes around a little, localizes the area, then commences to cutting on me. After he stitches me up, I asked what it was. He said it's a metallic foreign object but wouldn't let me see it. I made a joke about it being an alien implant, which he didn't seem to find funny at all. He just asked me if I was ever in a car accident. Nope. Tells me to come back in a week to get the stiches removed and then off he goes, disappearing with my top secret metallic foreign object. So I go back in for my follow up (this time with an appointment) and the receptionist can't find any of my info, no visit or billing records. She asks when and who treated me, I told her and described him. She says they don't have anybody named Tim staffed at the clinic and no young male doctors. Too weird, didn't want them touching me again so I cancelled the visit and ended up going home and having my wife pull the stiches. I'd like to think the whole thing was some elaborate alien conspiracy but in reality, probably just a random psychopathic night janitor honing up on his serial killer skills. Guess I'm either in the Grey's DNA data base or lucky to be alive. Either way, no more pain. Thanks 'Dr. Tim', whoever or whatever you friggin were.
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          Wow! Now that is one creepy story! Thanks for sharing. =)

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          Tim might have done a better job than actual doctor.

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        This was strange to me at the time, not so much since researching more; I had this hard callous like section of skin form on the top of my left index finger below the nail over a matter of three years - every now and then it would get itchy and troublesome but it wasn't painful or anything. One day I was doing something involving my hands (probably inside an engine bay) and I knocked the top off this thing and it didn't bleed a drop, instead there was a void of normal skin there with the tip of something SHINY AND GREEN visible... started freaking out but I found a pin/needle or something and started prodding & found this green "thing" was glass.....digging and grabbing some tweezers I eventually got it out and sure enough it was a sliver of green glass about 5mm long and 3mm wide.

        It still didn't bleed either; there was a pocket of skin formed right around it. I was sitting there for ages trying to work out what/how when I remembered that years & three cars ago, back when I was in my first car, I had bought I bottle of sparkling wine for the girlfriend of the time but something had happened where it wasn't opened and I had stuffed it under the drivers seat because it was rolling around the cabin. I promptly forgot it was there. Several weeks later, I got into the car after I'd parked somewhere hot for a day and noted this odd alcoholic smell but still didn't remember the bottle - just rolled down the windows I guess.

        I didn't remember until I reached under the seat to clean the car and pulled my hand out with a good deep cut on this finger, but the cut was on the opposite side (where the fingerprint is) and it was bleeding lots and nothing else was visible so I just wrapped it up... so that bit of glass spent years inside my finger and I guess with all the grabbing, squeezing etc slowly worked it's way through to the other side just waiting to set my mind racing for a little while.
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