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    I have a few. One is that I am walking at night and can't find my way home. It is my town and street, yet different. I am lost and try to use my mobile phone; but, for some reason I cannot dial and call my parents. Had this for about 23 yrs. Another is meeting people only in my dream and going back to the dream at the same place but a few years later, and they remember me; and I remember them by name; like I never left! This one since I was 14 . Can't imagine what this one could mean. This one since I was a kid. I climb out of my window like in Peter pan and I take off flying like a bird; through mountains, meadows, rivers and dive down for a landing. I dive down so quickly like I'm about to crash hard ;but suddenly stop before I hid and hover. It's always the same. Perhaps because of my fears of heights. This is why to this day I try to conquer it. Last but not least, Always dream of a big house from the 40's. I go in and it has all the vintage furniture, rich Persian carpets, closets with clothes, drawers with real vintage jewelry. House is haunted though; But I still buy the house and move in it. Always the same house and stuff. This last one since I was in my mid 20's. I think it represents having finally a stable place, instead of moving much.


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      I was at a ski lift, on a snowy night, with about 12-15 other guys, and we all huddled near a singular lightpole with a buzzing light that was turned on. Some were directly next to it and scattered around it. Myself and one of our leaders were on the perifery close to the edge of the reach of the light. The leader was a guy I've met before and knew IRL, names Decker. He stood on the very edge of the light. I could barely see him.

      He stood there staring outward into the darkness, not saying a word. Simultaneously I was running over the plans in my head.

      All of us were dressed head to toe in fully modern military equipment including loaded rifles with lasers, helmets with attached nightvision, chest rigs with standard loadouts and skis.

      As we stood there on our skis next to the lift some guys were joking to cut the tension of the moment. Two of the other guys began turning on their IR lasers and pretending they were lightsabers. You can only see this under night vision as the beam itself is in the INFRA-RED spectrum and I grinned at their gesture as I watched.

      The chair lift hummed to life, and the metal frame chairs began slowly lurching forward.

      I considered turning on my laser to join in, but decided to just flip it on quickly as a final pre mission check to make sure it was all good. One of the "jokers" shuffled my direction, the rest of the group following, and said with a smile, "We're just playing lasertag, right? " I laughed silently in that insincere/ exhaling form. Just then Decker hopped on on a lift, rifle pointed skyward. We knew it was time to go and I moved toward the next chair coming round my direction and hopped on as the other members were doing the same..

      Decker half way turns around in his seat and said, "IR ND" which means infrared negligent laser was still on and I quickly turned it off as we as we all slowly left the comfort of that singular glowing light into the biting cold and pitch black darkness.

      I knew that within the next 2 minutes I would be jumping into the darkness to do the most dangerous work that no one, save these 15 souls were willing to do.​


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        Recurring dreams of looking for my car and I can’t remember where it’s parked. Usually it’s a car I don’t own anymore. Sometimes it’s’ in a giant parking lot or sometimes in a city.


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          This is me in real life LOL 😂

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        I too have the recurring hotel dreams in which the elevator doesn't work properly and the stairs become jumbled as I try to use them. (Sometimes it's a cruise ship.) I think it just means that subconsciously, we are feeling lost in life about something. In my dreams, I'm usually trying intently to find and meet up with my family, deeply concerned that I will miss the interaction or event with them. After these dreams, I usually just reach out and spend more time with them in real life and the dreams subside.

        Now the really cool, somewhat recurring dream I've had about three times but has really resonated with me is that some apocalyptic event happens in North America (I know that's not really cool, but stay with me here.) and my family and I are making our way down to the southernmost tip of South America. Or sometimes it's just me making my way down there. It's this super strong calling for me to go, and the closer I get the more euphoric I become. I'm hoping to travel there this year or next to get into the water... At the very southernmost tip, if I can swing it. Would be super awesome.

        Oh, and there is this really silly recurring dream I have about coming across secret gyms in the middle of the city that almost no one else knows about, so I get to just work out in there all by myself or with maybe one or two other people. There's usually a hot tub I can get in all by myself. So weird, but I love it so much when I have them. lol
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          I only have nightmares / night terrors. They are usually vivid and I wake up in a sweat. Like someone else has posted they often occur in a hotel. In each of them taking place in the hotel there is a red renaissance styled room, an elevator that resembles one at an old job, a slanted room, and a very creepy loading dock. I don’t know what it means but it creeps me out. It doesn’t help that it is always a nightmare or night terror. I’d love to just have normal dreams. It’s been this way since I was a kid.


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            I would not call some dreams recurring but rather the same theme, same mindset and same awareness or intellect. They have been evolving throughout my life. I used to say they were nightmares but I have grown to understand that the twilight is just merely the realm and my anxiety is only temporary.
            Since these dreams have accumulated over many years and decades I will make it brief as possible. Early on dreams I was racing around or jumping in literal rabbit to swing from branches like Tarzan, testing my capabilities such as running jumping, swinging, somersaults, etc. until I learned how to fly. I didn’t fly like Superman at first. I figured out how to use energy from plants, trees, buildings and the ground making great jumps hopping from place to place eventually being able to hover or linger in the air. Finally I few fast and with direction, not needing to use the source of anything but the energy of the wind I know myself as myself but it’s as if it’s a piece of me or maybe I am just a piece of her. I have taught many classes in my to fly. I have done explorations and meeting people who are giving me messages; some nice and some I wake to literally say Thank God. The evolution of these dreams over recent years have been odd. I am literally taking groups across this long body of water flying. The sky is always twilight to dark. It’s known to me that time is limited to make the flight. Where we are going has never been revealed because as soon as I becoming aware of the dream and feel what’s going on I hear my voice say to the other's. “Hurry she’s waking up we are almost there!” Or “She’s waking!” then I wake up. There’s No conclusion just a sense that I would go again.
            Sometimes it months before I have this dream theme. Just when I think they’re done I have one.
            IDK 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s been going on for so many years I am just glad I am not scared of it anymore.


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              I always have dreams (or awakenings from them) of an entity at the foot of my bed standing in the door frame. The entity can vary from a cloaked entity to the most recent one was a pink being that looked like it had piercings all over its body. (My first instinct was that it looked like Xerxes from 300 and it was trying to Influence my dreams). As I was in the dream and/or awakening from sleep I was staring at him and he began to disappear by puzzle pieces until completely invisible and I saw an invisible outline. I can never tell if I’m still asleep, hallucinating, or actually experiencing some sort of spill over from the dream world into reality. This last time this happened was just a few weeks ago.

              Maybe my doorway is a portal. 😆 Happy dreaming!


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                I'm not have a recurring dream as such... but it seems like I'm having an ongoing dream season and I'm into something like episode 10 .... I'm not remembering a whole lot, but I've woken from a couple where I thought "hey, that was weird... I've never met that person" but knew that it wasn't a stranger at all and I was very familiar with them; days later, woken again from a completely different dream featuring the exact same person but in a totally new scenario... my recall is sometimes better than others; it feels like attending a conference or a project workshop that I'm actively participating in ... like a Jedi Council lolz


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                  When I was in sixth grade, Mom allowed me to stay up late to watch the “King Kong” movie on TV. This happened in the early 80s, and we watched the old black-and-white, 1930-something movie. After going to bed that night, I dreamt the final scene of the movie and found myself on the streets of New York, crowded close with people celebrating the great ape’s demise. I pushed and wriggled my way through the crowd toward King Kong’s body, and upon seeing it, felt a sense of resolved sadness—sadness at his death, but resolved to it, as what other outcome could we have? As I reached out to touch him, all the people around me pulled spigots out of their pockets and started jamming them into King Kong. Somehow, they also now held wine glasses. They opened the spigots and let King Kong’s blood pour into their wine glasses, and then starting toasting his death and drinking. Out of nowhere, my own hand held a wine glass, brimming with fresh, warm blood. All the people around me (no one recognizable from my waking life) started cheering me on to “drink! Drink!” I hesitated, partly in revulsion to the idea of drinking blood, but mostly because the celebration just felt wrong. My 12 year old brain couldn’t articulate why, and my parents taught me to always obey adults (with the obvious stranger-danger exceptions). So, voiceless and under pressure, I started raising the glass. Just before it reached my lips, I woke up.

                  I had this dream several times a year for the remainder of my childhood and throughout my 20s, and it remains identical, frame by frame, every time—like rewatching a movie (details in my other recurring dreams change at each iteration). The frequency has tapered off since, and now I can’t remember the last time it occurred. My dreams typically come in color, but this one is in black-and-white, true to the movie. I have remained 12 years old in that dream through the decades, and wear period dress and hairstyle.


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                    My dream occurs about once a year, if I’m lucky. In the dream, I cause my body to levitate and move through the air in a vertical position. I achieve this through mind control, and it’s usually done to get out of the reach of a person, or people, trying to grab me. It’s necessary to keep the mind control channel open in order to remain aloft, but I can fine tune it to ascend, descend, and change direction and speed. I am never afraid, and whoever is trying to get to me is stupefied by my magic, and no longer a threat.

                    Levitating, and knowing that I am accomplishing it with the power of my mind is exhilarating and extremely vivid. It also seems to come as second nature. Its simplicity is basic, pure and true. The most shocking thing in the dream is not the levitation itself; rather it’s the realization that I have always had this ability, and can harness it at will.

                    Believe me when I say that the only thing better than having the dream more often would be to actually live it out, in waking hours.


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                      It wasn't a recurring dream, but rather a very intense dream. In fact to this day I still think I was awake and perhaps it was more of a vision. I remember something woke me up. The room became bright with light and the bedroom wall seemed to disappear. and in its place, three trees came in to focus. The trees were identical. Barren trees with a white silvery bark. The way birch trees look in winter when they've lost their leaves. These large trees took up the entire side of the room and the branches stretched out over the bed. The trees had a warm glow around them and Each tree had an identical branch that stretched out over the bed and at the end of each of these branches were hanging identical pouches made of a type of tan leather and tied with a leather strap. They were about the size of a 5 pound bag of sugar. I remember thinking that it was impossible that I was seeing this. Yet strangely I was unafraid and felt very calm and at peace. I wondered what was in the pouches and reached out to touch the closest one. As I did, the trees slowly faded away and the wall came back into focus. It was such an intense experience that I decided to write it all down. For weeks, I researched the symbolism of leather pouches and barren trees and the number "three " looking to find some kind of meaning. Eventually, as the years passed, I forgot about it. Until about 10 years later. You see, I was unable to have children and after failed fertility treatments and almost giving up hope, we decided to adopt. My husband and I adopted 3 baby boys, one by one out of the Foster care system. I have been so blessed by these boys. They were an answer to years and years of prayer. One day a friend asked me if my boys were related by blood since they all look like they could be brothers by blood. I told her no, that I had been gifted those three boys as three little bundles from three different family trees. And it finally hit me right there at that moment. I remembered that dream as vividly as if I was experiencing it all again, and I realized that at that time, it was a sign. Three family trees, 3 little bundles, Reassurance that my unanswered prayers would eventually be answered. I've told this story many times, especially when I need reminding of unanswered prayers or when others need a story of hope and It still gives me chills when I think about it.


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                        I have an update on my dream sequences : something that I recalled vividly. The first segment was on Tuesday night, my brother in law presented me with a bottle of Corona Beer - I saw it and recall it in crystal clear detail... it wasn't a normal bottle, it was larger and it was in a square shape, like the shape of a Jack Daniels bottle and the beer that it contained was normal except that it had some infection, like the "mother" of an Apple Cider floating around in the bottom. The next dream on Wednesday night featured this same bottle of weird Corona except this time my wife had it, she had opened it and was drinking it. She was then pouring some of it onto her finger and trying to rub it into my mouth which I was (necessarily) physically preventing/avoiding her from achieving; it felt non-threatening but annoying.

                        I have my own interpretation of it's meaning but I'm curious what you all might see and care to share with me.
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                          I have had TONS of vivid/strange dreams, but the only reoccurring dreams I've had have all been pretty simple:

                          - Floating/Gliding just a little bit above the ground, hoping no one will take notice. My dream-self is always amazed that I've forgotten about it. I knew it was an ability that we all possess, and it is effortless, but... we forget.

                          - The nightmare we've all had. You're at school... are lost... forgot your locker combination... are late to class... didn't study for the test... missed the test... forgot to study all semester...

                          - I used to have 'animal rescue' dreams ALL THE TIME. (Pretty much every night). I hated those dreams so much. There was always an animal in distress, and it was up to me to help them.

                          - After a pet of mine passes, I used to dream that they were basically the living dead. It was horrible.

                          Thankfully, however, those dreams have turned positive. I now tend to dream that I can see them clear as day, and that they're happy and smiling. I always yell for someone that's in the house to come into the room QUICK, so that they can see our pet too. Before they get there, or can even hear me I guess, the dream ends.

                          In those dreams I could even pet them and feel their soft fur. It felt so amazing and like such a gift, but those dreams always felt so short-lived.
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